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"We are proud to help lead the effort to make our communities cleaner and healthier and urge all government entities and businesses to sign the pledge to power their facilities with renewable energy."
- Mayor Lee Leffingwell, Austin, TX

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5 Year Renewable Energy Pledge

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Pledge Benefits


By taking the 5-Year Pledge, you help increase renewable energy generation in the U.S.  In addition, you receive the following benefit's:

  • 20% discount on all Green-e Market Place multi-year commitments
  • Listing on the 5-Year Pledge website
  • 5-Year Pledge logo/label for use on your organization’s website and marketing materials
  • Semiannual email update from REMA on the voluntary market and progress towards the Renewable Energy Triple Double
  • Monthly updates on federal policy and regulatory issues related to the voluntary market
  • A tangible representation through signing the Pledge of your organization’s commitment to going above and beyond in your support of renewable energy

What do I Have to Do?
Organization must pledge a 5+ year commitment to, at a minimum, voluntarily purchase green power:

1. At EPA Green Power Partnership Leadership Club requirement levels for their organization:

Organization’s Baseload

Minimum Purchase Requirements

100,001 MWh or greater

30% of your use

10,001-100,000 MWh

50% of your use

1,001 -10,000 MWh

100% of your use

0-1,000 MWh*

100% of your use

* Organizations of this size are not covered in the Green Power Leadership Club but are eligible under the 5-Year Pledge.

2. In adherence with the Green-e National Energy Standard or equivalent guidelines.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the data behind the Renewable Energy Triple Double goal?

The Renewable Energy Triple Double is based on a 2010 baseline of 35 million MWh. In order to achieve the Triple-Double, voluntary purchases of renewable energy need to equal 105 million MWh in 2015 and 210 million MWh in 2020.

Is signing the 5-Year Pledge a binding contract?

No. The commitment provides flexibility to renewable energy purchasers in terms of how they choose to act on the commitment. Some organizations may choose to enter long-term contracts. Other organizations may choose to purchase in a series of shorter term contracts. Both approaches make a difference in getting more renewable energy projects built. It’s up to you.

Are long-term PPAs with renewable energy projects eligible under the Pledge?


How does the 5-Year Pledge interact with state and federal renewable energy laws?
Renewable energy purchased under the Pledge is above and beyond any state or federal mandates. The Pledge enhances and augments state and federal policy by creating a way for institutions to voluntarily push the demand for renewable energy above mandated levels over an extended time horizon. Any renewable energy purchased voluntarily by institutions under the Pledge does not count toward the compliance with state and federal renewable energy requirements.

Pledge Participants

The Bank of Georgetown

City of Austin

Community Energy

Diamond Packaging

Lakeshore Global

Sandy Alexander

Southern Oregon University

Sterling Planet

Stevens Pass

Washington Gas Energy Services

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