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"We are proud to help lead the effort to make our communities cleaner and healthier and urge all government entities and businesses to sign the pledge to power their facilities with renewable energy."
- Mayor Lee Leffingwell, Austin, TX

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5 Year Renewable Energy Pledge

About the 5 Year Renewable Energy Pledge

The 5 year pledge shows renewable energy developers and investors that there is strong, long-term demand for renewable energy among organizations that are not subject to policy mandates. These commitments from customers in the voluntary market help alleviate risk and provide certainty associated with renewable energy project development.

By pledging to purchase renewable energy for at least the next five years, these organizations help even more renewable energy projects get built.


The Goals of the Pledge:

  • The Renewable Energy 5-Year Pledge: To see organizations across the United States make long-term voluntary commitments of five years or more to purchase renewable energy
  • The Renewable Energy Triple-Double: To triple U.S. voluntary purchases of renewable energy by 2015. And then double that number by 2020.  (From 2010 levels)

The Pledge Signatories have made a huge commitment and meet the following minimum energy requirements:


Organization’s Energy Use

Minimum Purchase Requirements

100,001 MWh or greater

30% of your use

10,001-100,000 MWh

50% of your use

1,001 -10,000 MWh

100% of your use

0-1,000 MWh

100% of your use


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Pledge Participants

The Bank of Georgetown

City of Austin

Community Energy

Diamond Packaging

Lakeshore Global

Sandy Alexander

Southern Oregon University

Sterling Planet

Stevens Pass

Washington Gas Energy Services

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